On Sunday, June 28, the Springfield Park District continues their annual Music in the Park summer concert series with Americana and bluegrass music by three talented local groups in Iles Park. Blue Ribbon Revival, The Deep Hollow and The Blue G’s will provide live musical entertainment from 4 to 7 p.m. The musical styling of Blue Ribbon Revival ranges from honky-tonk to classic country to outlaw country to rockabilly and alternative country music. The Blue G’s play a mix of modern and traditional bluegrass music, plus original material. The Deep Hollow perform soulful and original Americana music, and recently won the American Songwriter magazine 30th Anniversary Song Contest with their tune “Devil”. Concessions will be available for purchase, and attendees will want to bring a lawn chair, blanket and dancing shoes. Questions about the event can be directed to the Springfield Park District at 544-1751.

Music in the Park

Sunday, June 28, 4-7pm

Iles Park

(Sixth and Ash streets)



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