BLM and AAHM host census and vote drive

Ongoing efforts to increase representation and civic engagement

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Black Lives Matter Springfield is inviting the public to register to vote, learn about the census and drop off school supplies this weekend. The event is Saturday from 12 to 4 p.m. at the Springfield and Central Illinois African American History Museum: 1440 Monument Ave.

BLM Springfield leaders say this year has brought renewed energy to the effort, which began in 2016. With the election year, a major focus is to get out the vote. Accurate census collection is also a priority, as the Black population has historically been undercounted and under-resourced.

School supplies being collected include Kleenex and hand sanitizer, find a full list here.

The museum had reached out to various orgs to hold voter regisration drives. The League of Women Voters and various Greek organizations are among the others with similar events lined up. "In order to make a significant impact in our community, state and our country, we need to work together to get everyone in Springfield who are eighteen and older registered to vote," the museum has stated.

BLM Springfield president Sunshine Clemons said the Saturday event will have something for everyone. "Whether you need to register to vote, or change your registration … you may need to complete your census. If you've already done that, feel free to come and drop off school supplies, but if you don't have a donation you want to drop off, come and see us and visit the exhibits at the museum. There's literally something for everybody," said Clemons. Mask wearing is required.

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