Bill Shea was the man to see

WILLIAM C. SHEA Dec. 30, 1921-Dec. 14, 2013

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Remember when the Nazis tried to take over the world? Mr. Shea was one of many who answered the call to prevent that from becoming a reality, as part of the D-day invasion. Remember when you needed gas in your car or the oil checked on your engine? Bill Shea was the man to see. Remember when you needed a boat, trailer or camper top for your truck? Once again Bill Shea was the man to see. Remember when you wanted to see relics of the automotive past (gas pumps and automotive signs) and the international community needed a common bond? Bill Shea brought you the Shea’s Route 66 Museum.

Through immense trials and tribulation emerged a man with his own aura of greatness. I and others are proud to call him grandpa, dad, husband and friend. My grandfather lived a full life, but with the full life, as do many, he had to endure the passing of a child, a wife, relatives and many friends. Steadfast in his ambition to be a business owner, he never let his personal life falter. Through this unaltered course we are left with a legacy that will never be matched or forgotten. Godspeed grandpa. –William Shea, grandson

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