Call it “hick hop” or “country rap,” but whatever you aim to name this style of combining country lyric themes with rap production and attitudes, John Lee Smith, better known as Big Smo, does it like no other. Born in San Diego, Big Smo put out his first recordings in 2002. Not long after a move to the Nashville, Tenn. area, his music direction focused on the combined style of country and rap with a string of regionally popular records. His last independent release came out in 2010 along with a video, “Kickin’ it in Tennessee,” that went crazy viral and attracted the attention of Warner Records. His latest record, Kuntry Livin’ (Warner/2014), bounced all over the Billboard charts making some big time noise. Not done in 2014, he showed up on the A&E channel in June with a reality show called “Big Smo” based on his life as it’s happening, including his recent wedding. The musician, songwriter, producer, film director and actor continues to make things jump and thump in the music business.

Big Smo
Saturday, Jan. 17, 9pm

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