City Water, Light and Power says it's seeing an increase in past due balances "so the utility is working to help those customers in hardship." In the midst of the pandemic, disconnections have been suspended through July. Still, CWLP is urging customers to set up payment plans and use "financial assistance resources to help bring account balances current to avoid falling behind." While electric shut-offs may have been postponed, and unemployment rates have risen, that doesn't mean anyone's totally off the hook. "With business uncertainty and people out of work, we want to make sure our customers know they can reach out to our customer service office for help," said CWLP Chief Utility Engineer Doug Brown in a release. "Hopefully our ability to offer payment plans, sharing all of the new local assistance resources and waiving disconnects is providing some relief for Springfield residents and businesses." This week, additional federal funding was announced for low-income families to help pay bills and eligibility was expanded. For more information about available help, CWLP customers can visit:

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