Band Spotlight

Tad Derek O'Brien

by Tom Irwin

Try experiencing something different this week and take a live listen to a classical guitarist, arranger and composer instead of the usual offerings. A Springfield native, Tad Derek O'Brien started his musical journey at age 13 with lessons from the late guitarist Tom Lewis, who obviously instilled a lifelong love of learning music in young Tad...

  • The Pleiades

    By Tom Irwin

  • After School Special

    By Tom Irwin

  • John Paul Keith

    By Tom Irwin

  • Matt Hill

    By Tom Irwin

  • Mitch Faulkner

    By Tom Irwin

  • Mojo Universe

  • Alec James Payton

    By Tom Irwin

  • Jeremy Pinnell

  • Julian Davis and the Situation

    By Tom Irwin

  • Morgan Minsk

  • Wayward Motel

  • Honeyland

    @ AMC Classic Parkway Pointe 8

    Tue., Feb. 18, 7-9 p.m.