A Sangamon County sheriff’s deputy would have done well to use a bit more care last week while responding to a wee-hours burglar alarm. Deputy David Howse was northbound on Sixth Street in downtown Springfield shortly before 2 a.m. last Friday, en route to an alarm call at the 1000 block of North MacArthur Boulevard, when he t-boned a sedan that was driving on Capitol Avenue. The sedan’s driver had the green light. Someone sent us pictures, but since we haven’t been able to find the photographer to get permission, our legal team says we shouldn’t publish the photo. Let’s just say it was much more than a fender bender – Sheriff Jack Campbell says both cars were towed. Howse declined medical attention, the sheriff says, and both the driver and her passenger also declined treatment. “There’s no injuries,” the sheriff says, which is good news. Howse got a ticket from Springfield police for disobeying a traffic control device. Campbell says the deputy reported that he was looking down, about to press the button to activate his emergency lights and siren. “Before he realized it, he was in the intersection,” Campbell says. Howse remains on full duty, albeit in what the sheriff’s department calls a pool car, which is less than the best, while an insurance adjustor does some ciphering. “They’re generally older cars that no one wants to drive,” Campbell says. While Springfield police handled the traffic accident, a sheriff’s department accident review board will conduct its own probe, with Howse subject to discipline if he is found to have not driven as well as he should have.

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