click to enlarge The Wanderers wander into the VFW hall on Stockyard Road this Friday.
The Wanderers wander into the VFW hall on Stockyard Road this Friday.

Here we are in mid-January and it's starting to feel a lot like winter, but before you know it, those hot summer nights shall return. But in the meantime, let's see what's happening this weekend.

Thursdays seem to be the one night of the week that could use some help in the live entertainment department, but the Curve Inn never disappoints as Springpatch Serenade brings an acoustic-oriented sound with "strong country roots and a little bit of rock and soul" to the Ric Major designed-and-operated soundstage space. And did we mention there's a real fiddle player playing a real fiddle in the band, plus some banjo happening too? Yes, indeed, there's some sweet stuff going on here and you should go hear it.

While we're at the Curve, we should probably make plans to stay all weekend, since Friday night there's For the Love of Lennon (and we ain't talking about the sisters from the Lawrence Welk Show) and Saturday hands us the one-and-only Lick Creek. FLOL covers the Beatles, not just Lennon songs, when some of our top musicians — and perhaps more importantly, top vocalists — come together to get back to the sounds of the Fab Four in a caring tribute to the Lads from Liverpool. We should all know Lick Creek, a consistent winner in our Best of Springfield poll, as a do-it-up, cool country, rocking out, all-together mighty good band.

But as hip as the Curve is, other spots in town are offering some righteous live music as well. On Friday night, The Shenanigans mess around on the new (relatively) stage area at Motorheads, affectionately known at the "Motordome," to lay down some of the best versions of modern pop you will get to experience around these parts. And, if you look closely, you may very well recognize band members from other popular local groups, but that's for you to find out.

Let's stick with Friday and head downtown for a mess o' blues. First, it's Stone Cold Blues Band at Boone's (5:30-7:30 p.m.) for Friday Night Jazz (yeah, I know, but the blues are the roots), then you can sashay to Anchors Aways (8-10 p.m.) for Brandon Santini's Big Time Blues Trio featuring Robert Sampson and Ron James and/or shoot for John Drake and Chris Camp doing a blues duo show at Buzz Bomb (7-10).

Now to move around a bit, The Wanderers, a classic country and rock-n-roll quartet that delivers over 227 years (I'm not exaggerating) of entertainment experience to the stage, find themselves at the VFW on Stockyard Road (7-10) and Tom Grassman, the guy from Champaign-Urbana who started 90's Daughter, The Brat Pack, Live Karaoke Band and Third Stone, sports his fun-lovin' "Rock-and-Roll Party Music" power trio at the Blue Grouch (7:30-11).

For Saturday excitement, look out as Isaiah Christian and the Rebel Saints start some good trouble at the Main Gate (8 p.m. to midnight) as the Winchester native shows up as an up-and-comer whose time is here and now. And to continue our adventures on the north end, Unchained, those Rochester regular guys rocketing to popularity with a new record due out in February, fresh from nailing down our Best of Springfield Original Band award in 2021, unleash their spectacular live show at Weebles (8 p.m. to midnight).

Well, that was sure easy to find some good stuff, and there's lots more going on beyond my mentions, especially a full slate of Sunday Funday music. And please remember that there's still a pandemic going on, so be cool and stay safe. See you next week.

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