Every new year, it's the same old thing: Who got born first? In 2020, it was A'Nylah Essence Hamilton, who came into this world at 1:40 a.m. on New Year's Day at St. John's Hospital. Congratulations. It's a nice name, and names are not what they used to be. Every day, seems, we run across a Steve or a Shirley or a Mike or a Barbara or a Ray or a Jay or a Cindy or a Debby, but none of these are among the most popular names bestowed upon babies born in Springfield in 2019, according to Memorial Medical Center and St. Johns Hospital. Out of nearly 3,500 kids, 21 girls were named Amelia, which was the most popular name for girls, followed by Emma, Olivia, Aria and Eva. On the boy side, it was a tie between Oliver and Levi – 19 of each were produced last year – followed by Lincoln, Jaxon and Benjamin. This shouldn't be much surprise to the folks at names.org, which last spring issued a Top Ten prediction list that included all of Springfield's tally, save Aria, as the most popular girl names in America. The national names.org prediction on boys didn't include Jaxon, Levi or Lincoln. Or Steve.

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