Aznarte poem #1 

So many I cherish in the Springfield area:

Tom and Jeanne, Mitch, groups of readers,  

writers, ALUUC, etc. etc. In particular take  

Angela, so cheerful in her kitchen frock tho 

she seldom spills (whilst I eat pistachio nuts)  

then comes dinner often grilled salmon she  

commutes all the way to Robert's to buy, with 

buttery lemon flavor, also non gummy rice  

plus salad (at home I spoon down peanut butter)  

After supper we watch tv and racoons with Martin  

but nights he's absent we companionably admire 

her paintings which she protests (wrongly) aren't  

very good; often we listen to music or just chat of 

Spain, families, books, people. Thank you, Angela!

2022 Jacqueline Jackson

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