came on a reprint of old autographs
from booklets kids used to write in
before the electronic age, many are
sappy "yours 'til the kitchen sinks,"
"yours 'til the bed spreads," one is
sort of funny, "yours 'til they feed
the corn on your toes to the calves
of your legs," one speaks to me I was
a latin major "latin is a dead language.
it's plain enough to see. It killed off all
the romans, and now it's killing me."
I made up a verse of my own in jr high:
"the lightning flashed; the thunder roared
and all the earth was shaken the little pig
curled up her tail and ran to save her bacon"
I can't remember when I last wrote that
my grandson, a skydiver, says you mustn't
leave your logbook lying around, you run
the risk of receiving "tasteful" drawings.
one saying when adjusting your harness:
"you'd rather have a line over than a nut
under" but we can't put that in IT can we!

2022 Jacqueline Jackson

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