Art Beat: Lincoln's B-Day, A Vintage Shop Tour + Music & More

This week we bring you info for a vintage shop tour on Saturday in Springfield that is offering customers free charms to make jewelry with (flyer is posted in this post, more info here).  That event also includes Incredibly Delicious! PLUS: 

  • Events about Lincoln just in time for Abe's birthday (Thur. 12th) can be found at &
  • Travis Shaffer's exhibit O White Gods has as opening at the DEMO art space on Friday at 6pm. Info here.
  • First Friday gallery art walk in Decatur. Info here.
  • SAA indie/foreign film fest continues. Info here.
  • Peoria Symphony Orchestra welcomes cellist Mike Block to Kelleher's Irish Pub on Thursday, Feb. 12th at 8pm. Event page here.
  • The Complaint Line, Ragna Rye & The Good Companions play at Bar None on Friday night. Info here.

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