archives poem #1

now that I’m archiving records
from the farm I grew up on – UWis
wants them – I’m going over stuff
used (or not) in my work now mostly
forgotten I just called my sister to
report her birth was recalled in a
yellowed clipping: “Merton Miller,
county speed cop, has new motorcycle
. . .  a daughter Joan is born to Mr and
Mrs Ronald Dougan . . . Katterhenry
grade Guernsey ‘Beauty’ again heads
best group with 109.6 lbs butterfat in
2740 lbs milk . . .”  I thought Jo should
see herself sandwiched between cattle
and cycle – no top billing no butterfat
detail on milk received from Mrs
Ronald Dougan or speed of delivery
in relation to her unreported size

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson

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