archival poem #31: Uncle Trever writes Jackie

we could play favorite – how about sounds
one of my very favorites is "practicing" –
I grew up listening to my mom playing piano
my sisters practice violin I didn't just like
my sisters' pieces but all of it – scales
ševík's bowing exercises the repetition
over and over of a hard passage till it was
right I liked my brother singing along in
his terrible voice with someone's practicing
I liked my own practicing and of course I
do like knowing all the concertos my sisters
played – brahms mendelssohn beethoven
lalo at the time I didn't tell myself this was
a favorite sound but I grew to know it
was, especially the bach double concerto
when Jo and Pat played it together; it
still brings a lump into my throat –
so let's share – what's one of yours?

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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