us methodist kids junior high age

went to epworth league sunday nights

we got the prayer hymn any bit of

program out of the way fast for then

came the games! "poor puss" was a

favorite we sat in chairs in a circle

"it" blindfolded stumbled around till

he – or she – found a lap sat in it the

"sittee" said "poor puss" and stroked

the kitty's back kitty had to guess

whose lap – ah the physicality! but the

best game was a kind of reverse "hide

and seek" – "it' hid anywhere in the

dimlit church when you found "it" you

crawled in with him or her the next finder

did the same the site would get more and

more crammed more and more tightly

packed all of us silent except for stifled

breathing a few giggles till only one kid

was still hunting – the last to find the

crowded cache (we'd all then tumble out)

was the next hider I'm sure you recognize

why sardines was a hit – but didn't we

have adult supervision? well yes but

they'd survived the sport ten years before

and saw no harm in any stolen squeezes

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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