Archival find, Current times #3  

My grandfather wrote to a U of Wis  
Ag prof, 1932, about the Depression.

“My neighbor is a pessimist, he has
no hope for better conditions on
this earth. Therefore his spirit takes
the joy out of hard struggle. I am
Irish enough to feel the bigger the     
fight, the better the fun!” I wish we    
were all “Irish” now with the biggest  
battle of our successful evolution at
fast-forward too few fighting too many
denying--my kids too scared to discuss    
the cessation of our species by our own
thumbed hands and numbed brains
we’re taking almost everything living
with us: microbes mosquitos manatees
we’ve had thirty some years of warning
maybe more--now should be the summit
of a united world’s cooperative efforts  
a prayer I learned eons ago may fit:
set us afire, lord, stir us we pray, while the
world perishes we go our way, purposeless
passionless day after day . . .  we have
purpose passion aplenty just not drastic
awareness of essential focus nor will we
with this ranting ruling regime it’s likely
too late already if even possible – read Eliz
Kolbert if you can bear to; dare we hope
to share my grampa’s fun in the fight?

2019 Jacqueline Jackson

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