Archival find: An early essay of mine My Pet

Archival find: An early essay of mine
My Pet

I have a pet pig. I named him Jacky
after myself. He was born on our farm
and is quite a big pig now.

My pig was very clever when he was
a baby but now all he does is lie in the
mud and eat.

One day I came to the pig pen. Jacky
was going with the other pigs to another
pen. I picked Jacky up by his tail. You
should have heard him squeal! He is smart
too. He found out a way to get the most
corn. Jacky is very greedy. He can also
run quickly and can dodge very well. I
I think my pig very nice. But I’m sad
because he soon will be butchered.

Jacqueline Dougan
Box 87 Beloit, Wis.  Age 8
(I probably bottle-fed that runt pig – and
probably signed the essay for a Ranger Mac
School of the Air contest but it never got sent.
But you can see I was a practical farm kid.)

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson

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