Archival find #38 "Grandparents' Day"

found in my parents' files, sent by a
granddaughter in 1980

"Dear Grampa: Thanks so much for the check. I
really do appreciate not the money but knowing
that you and Grandma think about me and keep
track of me (hard to do these days!) and are so
regular with birthdays, Christmas, and all. And
since I feel so strong about you, and knowing you
think about me, I guess I better write and let you
know I think about you, too, and more often than
my sorry letter-writing habits would make it seem.
Now that I'm a "working woman" I'm trying to get
people to call me by my full name but since you are
my grandparents please call me whatever you like.
The longer I'm in the work force the less I like it. I
believe working for yourself is the only way to go.
I really want a job that's not locked into 9-5, punch
the clock and be nice to the boss. My job is a good
one, ok pay, and I like the people, but I'm just
putting in time to get money so I can do what I
really want. I'll write about that soon! I love you both!"

2021 Jacqueline Jackson

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