archival find #18

this paper goes to print weds a.m. it
hits newsstands thurs my bit is due at
latest mon p.m. so as of this scrawl I
don’t know whether my tues night yowl
will be joy or dismay I pray you voted
meanwhile here’s news of a childhood
club: I’ve unearthed its handwrit charter
we were country kids didn’t have a gang
of others to play with had to make our own
fun our playhouse became many things
for awhile a clubhouse for the RLJV club
(the initials of our middle names) our code
a simple substitution one: symbols for ABCs
meetings were tues thurs & sat a black purse
held our treasury (no mention of dues) the
members were us: our usual names plus dog
the club’s suggested activities: circus, hikes,
jobs, put on plays, find wild animals (also bugs),
sell stuff at a roadside stand, draw, read aloud,
sing songs, tell stories, have treats, play games
our pet goat was mascot our pledge: “I here by
pledge to do my duty forever and forever to this
club, our country, and to our homes in which we
live.” I don’t recall president secretary probably
my oldest sister reigned did we ever have minutes
actual meetings? the listed activities were ones we
did anyway – AND, our motto was: THINK HARD

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson

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