I wasn't going to write about
my daughter's september suicide
this year, with the times so troubled
but my young friend maisy reminded
me this is suicide prevention month
so – we buried demi's ashes recently;
I didn't want to leave this earth with
her ashes still on my mantle. a friend
said "it means you've finally put it
behind you, you're moving on –
well, yes and no. I've moved on for
10 years now, but though I don't
dwell on it, it's never behind me;
with so many reminders, so many
things we might've said, joys, regrets
a truncation. we'll never know how we
might have prevented it, but I wish you
success during this special month, and
comfort if you don't succeed. What a
mystery – this life, love, and death.

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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