another archival find: my earliest book

in third grade a spare notebook

inspired me to write a book –

I filled the pages with short tales

one about a winter posy blooming

in snow holds this line: "She dared

not touch it lest it be poison for

flowers in February are very scarce."

obviously I took my syntax from

fairy tales – my daughter Demi, 5,

desiring something said "I beg you,

I implore you, I WHEEDLE you!"

I burst out laughing, gave in to her

wishes – daughter Ellie, 7, at the door

of springfield's first presby church

as a playmate scampered after a parent

said to the other parent beside her

"I fear she does not heed your call."

(that parent later told me) you can see

not only did I absorb words but likewise

my kids – reading is good to do in this time of

distance: what are your choice words, books?

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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