Angela Perley & the Howlin Moons

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio and hitting towns all over the Midwest since 2009 with the sound and the fury of a modern American rock and roll band on a mission, Angela Perley (vocals, electric guitar, musical saw), Chris Connor (lead electric guitar), Billy Zehnal (electric bass) and various drummers including Maxwell Button, Adam White and Ed Davis are making noise and proud of it. The group’s 2014 release, Hey, Kid, made many critics top pick lists, receiving good plugs in cool places, including American Songwriter magazine, Magnet magazine, PopDose, Americana UK and Maverick magazine. The new record, Homemade Vision, comes out Jan. 22 on Vital Music USA with big expectations soon to be fulfilled. Angela and the fellers continue to achieve live shows that pull in the listener, entice the observer and satisfy those who partake in the loveliness and power the drives good music, especially that carried by daring downbeats and striking electric riffs, backing meaningful words and fulfilled actions. Carry on and keep the faith and these birds will fly far.

Angela Perley & the Howlin Moons
Jukebox Casanova
Friday, Jan. 15, 8pm
Bar None

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