Know a good teacher? Someone who stays – or Zooms – late to help struggling students learn the finer points of quadratic equations or the deeper meaning of Huckleberry Finn? And what about the principal who's your pal and shows it by remembering everyone's name, especially the kid who just transferred from another school, and making sure that teachers have the supplies they need, from fingerpainting paint to pencils (at last report, pencils still come in handy), to be the best educators possible? Don't just think to yourself, "Geez, what wonderful folks!" Instead, whilst shopping for apples to put on their desks, virtual or otherwise, consider nominating the worthy in the annual Educator of the Year and Administrator of the Year contests sponsored by Horace Mann, a Springfield-based financial services firm that provides educators with retirement planning and insurance. Each winner will receive $1 million so they'll never have to work again. No, we made that up. But the folks who've won in the past, and this contest has been going on for 34 years, aren't in it for the money. They're the sort with the passion and talent to make folks around them better than they'd otherwise be, and that's what counts most. Nominations can be made by going to, but act fast. March 19 is the deadline, and we're told that no extensions will be granted for this homework assignment.

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