already old news: screwy poem

whole world’s eyes have been
riveted on saving a dozen trapped
boys international sighs of relief
(though some may have lung fungus:
they’re isolated on a special ward)
how fickle is news it focuses on
current crises: here in US thousands
toddlers to teens still unrescued torn
from parents our govt not knowing
where many are – herded into what
hasty hideouts – who is risking life for
these? – doctors predict lifelong trauma 
even if we do get babes reunited (already
forgetting mama – this happened with
one of mine, story maybe later) yes caring
drs – senators – some caring public –
are working on this but it’s ho-hum
news so what’s today’s? well our balloon
buffoon-in-chief pissing off allies while
snuggling up to murdering despots no
realization his last touted diplomacy is
down the drain who knows what news
will be vogue when this becomes printed
not scores of unreported kids unless
another 1-year-old is called to court
that may cause a ripple of interest

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson

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