Oct. 30, 1989 – June 21, 2019

With a love for the 1940s and vintage clothing, music, movies, poetry, books and superheros, Adrienne was born in the wrong era. Her two sisters, stepbrother, parents and stepparents miss her unique ways. Springfield Vintage hosted a pinup class where Adrienne discovered pinup contests to enter. She was killed in a car accident while traveling to a contest in Minnesota. At the contest, Adrienne’s group walked on stage with her contestant number and read her bio. Afterwards, her Springfield pinup group, the Hot Totties, rallied to support her family in many ways and, along with her poetry group, held a Pinup and Poetry contest to honor her on her 30th birthday. In doing so, Adrienne’s family, college and high school friends and pinup group were able to help fulfill her birthday wish – to say goodbye to her 20s by dressing in 1920s outfits and going to St Louis. Adrienne had epilepsy but would not let it define her. Thousands of dollars have been donated by her co-workers, pinups, friends and family to the Epilepsy Foundation in Adrienne’s honor. Submitted by her mother, Carol Forestier

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