About the cover artist Lynn Snyder-Hinds

Cover is by Lynn Snyder-Hinds of Springfield, winner of this year’s Capital City Visitor cover art contest, which drew more than 40 entries. Synder-Hinds and others who competed were honored at a reception held Feb. 23 at the Springfield Art Association, where cash prizes were awarded to the winners.

Lynn Snyder-Hinds is a graduate from the Colorado Institute of Art and shares her love of art with her husband, David Hinds.  She enjoys all art mediums and is currently concentrating on clay and mixed media sculptures.

“Abe Welcomes All” is a light-hearted depiction of Abe tipping his hat to welcome visitors to the capital city and surrounding areas.  You can see he has something for everyone.  With so many sites, festivals, events and great food it’s no wonder he wears such a tall hat!

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