A timely discussion of public policy

On Thursday, Nov. 8, hear a distinguished panel of local public policy experts discuss implications of the Nov. 6, 2018, midterm election with regard to gender politics; public policy affecting women, specifically women of color and young women; the relationships between campaign finance, redistricting and term limits on recruiting; and electing women to public office. This event is hosted by the American Association of University Women Springfield Branch and will be moderated by NPR reporter Rachel Otwell. Panelists will be Deborah Anthony, Teresa Haley, Kent Redfield, Jillian Hawkins and Emma Shafer. A question-and-answer session will take place after the discussion, followed by a short meeting for AAUW members. For more information about this event and the American Association of University Women Springfield Branch, visit http://aauwspringfieldil.com.

Midterm Election
Implications for Women
Thursday, Nov 8, 7pm
534 S. Second St.

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