A ‘Tales from the Vault’ presentation

On Thursday, Dec. 20, take in a “Tales from the Vault” program titled “Marshall Field’s Christmas” moderated by Betsy Dollar, director of the Springfield Art Association. During the 1970s, Betsy created ornaments at Marshall Field’s flagship store in Chicago, which was known for its holiday window displays, giant tree and whimsical, festive decorations. During this “Tales for the Vault” presentation, Betsy will show and share information about the Marshall Field’s holiday artifacts that are part of the Illinois State Museum’s collection. This and all “Tales to the Vault” presentations are free to the public, though donations are always accepted, and more information is available by emailing events@illinoisstatemuseum.org or by calling 558-6696.

Marshall Field’s Christmas
Thursday, Dec. 20, 12:30-1:30pm
Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center
1011 E. Ash St.

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