A seasonal ensemble repertoire for tuba and euphonium

Need a new family holiday tradition? Check out TubaChristmas at White Oaks Mall on Saturday, Dec. 11. This year marks the 48th anniversary of the TubaChristmas concerts which are presented throughout the world. The event was conceived in 1974 by Harvey Phillips as a tribute to his tuba teacher and mentor, William J. Bell, who was born on Christmas Day in 1902, and whose legacy has instilled musicians and music teachers with high performance standards, well-structured pedagogy, professional integrity and a sense of enviable camaraderie. The first TubaChristmas was performed at New York City's Rockefeller Plaza. This will be the third year for a local performance and Tom Philbrick, director of the Springfield Municipal Band, will be conducting. It is is open to all tuba and euphonium players from middle school through senior citizens, and is said to be attracting musicians from across the state. The performance repertoire is fitting with the season, so bundle up the kids and head to the mall for TubaChristmas because it's fun, it's festive and it's free.

Saturday, Dec. 11, 1 p.m.
White Oaks Mall
2501 Wabash Ave.

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