I have often stated in these lines about how quickly time seems to pass, but the fourth weekend of November already? Come on, you've got to be kidding! But here we are and away we go.

This week the Curve Inn kicks off a new season of Thursday Night Roots, featuring area Americana-type bands every third Thursday of the month with the one and only, The Deep Hollow, playing two full sets to kick things off. Get there on time at 6 to experience the lively music of Kirk Donley of the Dandelion Pickers, who also plays the mandolin in TDH.

Downtown on Thursday at Buzz Bomb Brewing Company you can do double duty by listening to live music and supporting the good cause of WQNA community radio. A recently formed organization called Springfield Community Broadcasters is focused on raising funds and creating awareness to keep our one-and-only community radio station, WQNA 88.3, alive and on the air (for back story, search online for WQNA for sale). A group of mostly WQNA DJs started a Live Music for WQNA series of concerts to promote the process and Thursday's presentation features Jeff Williams of NIL8 playing an acoustic set at 7, followed by an open mic until 11 hosted by Devin Williams (no relation).

On Friday there's another fine show at the Curve Inn; this one has the singing, songwriting, harmonica-playing blues man Brandon Santini showing Springfield why his act is playing all over the USA and going global. I am not kidding about the global bit as Brandon and band played a music festival in Mumbai, India, last February and now are headed to a big deal bluesfest in Poland on Nov. 30. Then they stay a bit in Florida in mid-December before heading back this way for some hometown gigs in Illinois right before the holidays.

I have heard folks hankering for some real jazz music lately and you'll get an opportunity to hear the good stuff when the Frank Parker Quintet plays at Robbie's for this week's Uptown Friday Night show. If you stay in the downtown area Friday, check out these spots. Ocean State Quartet floats away on samba, blues and jazz at the Springfield Carriage Company, while Josie Lowder sails into Anchors Away with her inviting style of originals and covers. The Kitchens bring on the good times at Arlington's as Silas Tockey tackles acoustic songs at Craft Beer Bar and Buzz Bomb Brewing Company serves up Doty and Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Friday night also gives us some heavy hitters in the cool cover band collection, including Captain Quirk landing at Long Bridge, JukeRox rocking Danenburger's, MIssissippi Leghound pumping it up at Trading Post Saloon and DH3 covering the bases at Crows Mill Pub. The out of town acoustic selection looks fine with Tom Beverly & Geoff Ryan rolling in at 3Sixteen in Chatham, Rickey Meredith doing the Walnut Street Winery in Rochester and old friends Andon Davis and Michael Burnett traveling to Locals in Pawnee. In town acoustic acts include Joe Allen dropping into the Dew Chilli Parlor on North Grand, Jason McKenzie driving on in at Motorhead's on Toronto Road and a nationwide, franchised, piano-dueling entertainment group called Felix and Fingers slipping into the Blue Grouch for an intriguing show of shows.

You're on your own for the rest of the week. Hope you're enjoying the new Illinois Times website design and especially the updated Live Music listings. Be sure to rest up for next week and the biggest party night of the year coming on Thanksgiving Eve. Yee-haw.

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