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Springfield is an historic place with interesting people of the past who helped shape not only the physical city around us, but also our culture as it has evolved since the early 1800s, and our response to and participation in national events. We don't have to look far to find the places that are keeping that history in evidence for us. In fact, most of them are just around the corner, and they make for some interesting and fun destinations. With that in mind, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is again hosting the "Walk, Hike and Bike History" program this year. For instance, you can learn of some sites in Springfield, and the historical figures associated with those sites, that have importance and relevance to the Underground Railroad. Perhaps you would like to take a casual, neighborhood-style bicycle ride to pedal past historic sites, including the Black Fire House, Dana-Thomas House, Lincoln Home, Old State Capitol and the Lincoln Tomb while a guide fills you in on the details of their significance. Several walks are also offered at Oak Ridge Cemetery where you can learn about military history, Black history and about some friends of Abraham Lincoln. More information about the program can be found on the website dnrhistoric.illinois.gov where you can also make reservations, or you can call 217-782-6302.

Walk, Hike and Bike History
Weekly through Nov. 9
Various locations
and schedules

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