Join the Lanphier High School Drama Club for a murder mystery involving a gathering of the world’s greatest mystery writers, all attending under aliases of famous authors. A poetry-spouting “Shakespeare” quickly captures the affections of “Shelley”, “Bronte” and “Alcott” but the romance is thwarted when “Poe” reveals a nasty bit of correspondence and authors suddenly begin disappearing, one by one. It’s clear that one of the writers is trying to eliminate his or her competition – but whom? General admission tickets for Murder by the Book cost $7, and are available online at, by calling The Legacy Theatre’s box office at 800-838-3006, or can be purchased in person from any Lanphier High School Drama Club member.

Murder by the Book
Jan 29-31, 8pm Fri-Sat, 2pm Sun
The Legacy Theatre
101 E. Lawrence

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