Let's say you're a black Labrador assigned to the courthouse, licking hands, giving folks something to pet and otherwise comforting victims and witnesses as they deal with the consequences of crime. Let's also say that the courthouse has been largely shut down due to pandemic. What's a dog to do? In the case of Gibson, who's spent the last two years assigned to the Sangamon County state's attorney's office, you head to the county public health department, where two employees of the prosecutor's office, including one of Gibson's handlers, have been reassigned to help deal with the pandemic. Now, Gibson's task is to make days a bit brighter for public health employees tasked with tracking and responding to coronavirus. "During this unprecedented challenge in our community, his training is especially valuable to support and comfort our public health employees, first responders and health care workers on the front line of the battle against COVID-19," writes Sangamon County State's Attorney Dan Wright in a press release. No word on which department will get stuck with the dog food bill. At times like these, other things are more important.

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