This Saturday, relax and enjoy a solo concert by classical guitar virtuoso William Yelverton. His acclaims and accolades are large in scope, including being named a Prize Winner in the Guitar Foundation of America International Competition. His recent recording, Harpsichord Music on Guitar, has earned rave reviews by Guitar Review and Soundboard Magazine. Yelverton is a world-renowned performer, having played solo concerts in the United States and a dozen foreign countries including Canada, Mexico and Europe. Saturday’s program will include musical selections by Milán, Dowland, Bacheler, Händel, Pernambuco, Koshkin, Gismonti and several other composers. Tickets for Saturday’s concert will be available at the door and cost $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. For more information about the Springfield Classical Guitar Society and other programs, visit their Facebook page.

Guitar Concert by William Yelverton
Saturday, Nov. 14, 8-9:30pm
Grace Lutheran Church
714 East Capitol Ave.
$15 adults,
$10 students and seniors

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