Incendiary Incident 

At the small college I attended a big
thing was made of "Homecoming"
erever it fell during the season.
The football game had its emphasis
but mainly the festivity was of parties
and dances and especially a celebratory
bonfire: The year I was a freshman
it was a momentous occasion for
students hauled in from
the country a large two-holer,
well-built outhouse and balanced it
atop the pile. The fire was glorious
crowned with its magnificent (but
to the students outdated) item –
mer however, saw no humor
and demand
ed recompense for his
purloined property. So shortly after
the students held a dance to raise
the moola; it was advertised as
"The Privy Polka." The administration
however, made strong objections to this
title, so all subsequent publicity became
"The Homecoming Deficit Dance"!

2023 Jacqueline Jackson