Getting old poem 

Getting old poem 

For a long time, I've considered myself

young-old I'm now getting old-old and 

maybe I've said this stuff before but

old-old repeats, right? so here is about  

my mom: If I knew then what I know

now I would have been much more help  

to my old-old mother, more understanding  

more helpful although I did help a lot I

would have drawn out more stories listened  

for the fear behind her words realized when 

she rubbed her wrist that it hurt and she

wasn't complaining because when she was  

younger, she said she wasn't going to

complain when she was old because grama  

complained all the time I should have told  

her I'd like to hear a few complaints! she 

sat blind for ten years I should have made  

her walk a lot more exercise a lot more we  

did all read to her, living room activity all

around her she asked my doctor brother  

if he could end it for her but he said "mom 

I can't, it's against the law"

2023 Jacqueline Jackson