Ron Dougan writes his kids: 1948 

"Jackie, Gramp just came in and told me
one, two, three, what he objected to in
certain departments and what he thought
I should do about it. This distracts me
but why I'm writing you in the middle of
the day I don't know. I could be going
to the plant to watch Sparky wash pipes
and comment on his methods or take
a bottle of skim and make everyone
in the place taste it. We are thinking/
of putting vitamins D and A in skim,
heat it high enough to give a caramel
taste, then homogenize. Call it Dougan's
Vita-Smooth Fat-Free Milk. That ought
to bring in the business! Gramp just said
'I now see myself as others see me!'"

2022 Jacqueline Jackson