Editors note 6/2/22

A campaign ad by Rodney Davis has hit a new low in Republican Party politics. In the TV commercial, Davis portrays his opponent, Mary Miller, as advocating compassion toward illegal immigrants. The spot is convincing because it shows actual footage of her saying that if we know an immigrant in need of help we should try to help them. Davis then shows himself, by contrast, supporting Donald Trump's border wall. So far Miller apparently has made no attempt to refute the claim that she has a kind streak, surely a sign of weakness. Rather than stand up to Donald Trump, who endorsed Miller, Davis portrays himself as even trumpier than his opponent. If his new slogan is "Meaner than Mary Miller," he will surely win the chance to continue representing central Illinois in the U. S. Congress. For more on the Davis-Miller campaign, see page 5. – Fletcher Farrar, editor