Letters to the editor 05-05-22

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The historic Myers Brothers Building downtown is under contract to a Kansas developer who wants to convert it from office space to affordable rental housing.

I don't support having the Myers Brothers Building turned into below-market rental units ("Downtown redevelopment project gets dicey," April 28). This would not bring in the type of tenants we need to revitalize downtown. Kudos to the city for objecting to this kind of development.
Dennis Canaday

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No one is interested in renting office space downtown anymore. It's either going to be used for something else profitable or it's just going to sit empty.
Craig Ewing

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Affordable housing should be a component of all multiunit residential developments of this size, but only as a portion – not all, or even a majority of the units.

The other issue is parking. The city is ignoring the parking issues that will develop over time as we turn more and more commercial spaces downtown into residential spaces. We are a car-dependent community and that won't be changing for a long time, if ever. I don't think anyone would want to park blocks away when they have groceries, or were returning home late at night. And no one wants to see more surface lots downtown.

If this development doesn't include in-building parking and a substantial percentage of market-rate units, then I don't support it either.

Ana-Jo Mounce
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Great tribute from Tom Irwin ("Goodbye Mark, so long April," April 28). I spent 35 years of my life going to Recycled Records as a customer. One of my favorite memories of all the purchases over the decades was Mr. Kessler hunting down and getting in for me a pristine copy of Steve Ray Vaughan's In Step album on vinyl. My condolences to all his family, friends and fellow Recycled Records customers. He was definitely a pillar in this community.

Scott McCullar
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A heartfelt, disturbing story ("Hit and run," April 28). I walk that area often. Now, after reading the article, I can send a blessing directly to Dusty Rhodes when passing the memorial bouquet. It's wonderful the community helped Detective Weiss to do a fine job.
Selena Midden

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I wonder how "Dolla Dex" would feel if someone ran over his daughter and left her for dead? I bet he would be devastated. Hopefully he will grow a heart in prison.
Ann Marie

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This horrific event has haunted many Springfieldians. I can't imagine the physical, mental and emotional anguish Ms. Rhodes has been through. Kudos to Detective Weiss.
Lindsay Anne Spoonmore

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