Music Poem #27: Bach Plus

Music Poem #27: Bach Plus

Madison String Synfonia rehearsed

every Saturday afternoon: my sisters

and I were privileged to play in it.

Our vastly talented conductor was

an inspiration to us all. The music, the

discipline, plus the fun of playing under

"Teacher" shaped our lives. A story: Once

we gave a concert in a famous Madison

church. At our dress rehearsal the organist

of that church found his organ in exact tune

with our orchestra. Miss Endres invited him

to join us on our finale – to thunder in

at the very end of Bach's "Great Fugue."

That finale was spectacular; audience

cheered, crowded up to praise our leader.

An elderly woman exclaimed to her (she

told us later) "That magnificent fugue! At

the end it sounded JUST LIKE AN ORGAN!"

2021 Jacqueline Jackson