Letters to the editor 8/26/21

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Second-graders at Camp Compass at Wilcox Elementary use letters to make words that match pictures. The summer programming has a focus on fun and play that leads to learning.

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Please, for the sake of all of our children, mask up and vaccinate ("Back to school," Aug. 19). Illinois is now heading into a peak that is predicted to be far worse than the one we saw last November. This shouldn't be happening, but it will continue to happen as long as there are those who insist on putting themselves above what's best for all.

Amber Temerity Lozzi
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For 35 years I worked in state government in senior level positions involving museums and natural resources policy issues.  I dealt with numerous controversies among competing interests. I often considered it a stressful environment.  That was, until I realized what health care workers are going through during COVID-19. 

I have a colleague who has been a nurse for over 20 years. With the support of her family, she voluntarily went to Chicago last summer to work in a COVID unit. She is now back in Springfield working in a COVID unit and also in pediatrics. She's seen more death in the last year and more sick kids than she's seen in her entire nursing career. Now she is emotionally drained and not sure she can go on as a nurse. Why?  Because so many people refuse to get a COVID vaccine. She doesn't know what more to do to convince people to get vaccinated.

How can we expect health care workers to put their lives at risk, make sacrifices that impact their families and go above and beyond the call of duty day after day to save the lives of people who voluntarily chose to put others at risk, claiming it is their personal choice? There may be medical reasons that preclude some individuals from getting the vaccine, but that isn't the case for the nearly 50% of the population that remains unvaccinated. The unvaccinated, who refuse to listen to the science, are creating a mental health crisis for our health care workers.

Getting vaccinated shouldn't be just a personal choice; it should be a responsibility.

Karen Ackerman Witter



Letter writer Kristina Barbee said it best in regards to the demolition of the historic Leland Farm House ("For a big yard?, Aug. 19). The combination of ego and money is mighty powerful in both directions, good or bad. Springfield tourism marketers promote historic Springfield to all corners of the planet, but in truth it is not Springfield's history we treasure at all, just the history of Lincoln. It only matters if the great Abe touched it. We continue to give lip service to, and mourn, the loss of the Orpheum Theatre nearly 60 years ago, but in the decades that have passed we still have not learned the lesson it taught.

Douglas Mayol



Enclosed is a check to Illinois Times in appreciation for the poetry of Jacqueline Jackson. I've been enjoying reading it for years.

Florence Rhodes
Grosse Pointe, Michigan



Our story, "What to do about rent" (Aug. 19), wrongly stated that David Amerson is legal counsel for the Springfield Police Department. His correct affiliation is legal counsel for the Springfield chapter of the Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association.