Butler Funeral Homes and Cremation Center

Death, almost always, is as uncomfortable as it is inevitable, but Butler Funeral Homes and Cremation Center makes things easier. A good funeral home cares as much, maybe more, about the living as the dead, and that's certainly true at Butler. It's OK to feel blue after losing a loved one, even if it's been a while ago, and Butler can help with 24-hour grief counseling via telephone. Dogs are known to ease pain, and so Butler has Pearl, a rescue mutt who's been trained to help folks through tough times – just ask, and she'll be there, and at no additional charge.

Butler also offers a money-back guarantee: If customers aren't satisfied with any service provided, Butler promises not to charge for that service. If that sounds old-fashioned, so be it, but Butler is equally in the modern age, offering green funeral services that don't involve chemicals or metal or anything else that won't naturally decompose, and they'll walk you through how they do it, gently, and with every detail covered.

As we age, funerals can become rites of life, but for kids, such ceremonies can seem strange and adults might not have as much time as they'd like to prepare youngsters. Butler offers classes for children so they'll know what to expect, and kids are encouraged to write messages to the departed and draw pictures.

Bottom line, Butler thinks things out, and thoughtful service is available at locations in Springfield, Chatham and New Berlin.