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Incredibly Delicious

Photos by Joseph Copley

Incredibly Delicious

We haven’t gotten married in awhile, so we can’t vouch for the wedding cakes – which readers say are beyond scrumptious – but, if there is any doubt whether Incredibly Delicious is the best bakery in the city, if not on the planet, ask for a baguette after 11 a.m. at the Saturday downtown farmers market. When we tried, they were sold out and packing up – just a few hard rolls left – a full hour before vendors were scheduled to skedaddle so that Adams Street could be reopened. A second attempt, one week later and earlier in the day, was successful. It was a bread-buying, if not feeding, frenzy as loaf mongers Gary Huff and Isaac Groth satisfied a steady stream of customers with good taste. Huff says it’s been the same deal for 17 years, and no wonder. While ingredients are dirt cheap, execution is tough when it comes to baking bread, and Incredibly Delicious has it nailed. The loaves are as time-sensitive as they are exquisite. Whatever isn’t consumed the day it is bought is not much good for anything but toast, in our experience, and we think that is a bonus, plus it is very good toast. All we want is honest bread at an honest price, and Incredibly Delicious delivers. When we are naughty, we stray from our healthy eating ways and indulge in a fruit tart or even cheesecake – do not tell anyone – and they also have chocolate stuff. Expect lines if you show up during lunch or breakfast hours – folks ordering sit-down meals stand in the same queue as the grab-a-loaf-and-dash crowd. On the other hand, you can sample the olive oil of the day, soaked into baguette slices, while you wait. No worries.

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