it was common knowledge like the
medes and persians were we ever even
taught it? "when you read write do sums
etc you should have your light coming
over your left shoulder" somehow this
edict came up in 6th grade and someone
asked for the first time ever "why?" wow!
what a fascinating discussion ensued why 
indeed? we came to a reasonable solution: 
people are right-handed; this means you're
not working in your own shadow – but now
the next remark became inevitable "what
about lefties?" the class surveyed itself
our only lefty was billy woods it was with
great ceremony and glee that he and his
desk were moved so that HIS light would
come over his right shoulder: this was as 
vital as any lesson we learned in our grade 
school, maybe any school whether we realized 
it then – two lessons: assumptions need analysis
to prove or disprove veracity – and the world
will usually favor the majority

2022 Jacqueline Jackson

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