217 Food Weeks are intended to highlight local flavors and promote local businesses.  Each food week focuses on a particular type of food or drink such as burgers, Italian dishes or appetizers.   217 Nacho, Taco and Margarita Week will be a celebration of tortillas and tequila from May 6-12.  Unique, off-menu nacho and taco dishes will be offered for $5 at participating restaurants.  Specially concocted margaritas will also be offered at some restaurants.  The week will be kicked off with the Cinco de Mayo Party hosted by Long Bridge Golf Course.  In addition to $5 margarita and nacho specials, the event will also feature live music by NATU Band and drawings for St. Louis baseball tickets and rounds of golf.  Free. 217foodweek.com.

Cinco de Mayo party and 217 Nacho, Taco and Margarita Week Kickoff
May 5, 12-5 p.m. Sun
Long Bridge Golf Course
1055 W. Camp Sangamo Rd.

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