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ReGeneration is the magazine for active and creative grownups, members of The ReGen generation. The ReGen is age 50-plus, yet this generation is not so much an age but a lifestyle. The ReGen includes people willing to try new adventures, to give back, to reinvent themselves and their community. They've done it all at least once before, so they like "re-" words: reenergized, resurrected, reclaimed.

Our cover story, about Tony and Ann Libri taking on the challenge of restoring to active use the former Benedictine University and Ursuline Academy campus, shows grit and determination by active seniors with a passion to give back. "Learning humility," written by a young man who respects his elders, teaches a lesson we all need to learn. And "Chat with a robot," explores the world of artificial intelligence, while asking the robot to explain it all too.

There's a lot here for the active 50-plus crowd, the ones we call "Grownups getting stronger." Please send your reactions and suggestions to [email protected]. –Fletcher Farrar, editor

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