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PHOTO BY David Blanchette
Tim Smith and Michael Woods at the old MacMurray Hall building in Jacksonville, which they are transforming into the Midwest Agricultural and Arts Complex.

This article is inspiring ("Repurposing MacMurray Hall, July 20). I love the idea of teaching people how to use the fruits and vegetables that they are given. I tried to implement a similar program at a school in Springfield on days that we had giveaways.

Diane Motley

I think it's a great documentary on the people, not Bishop Thomas Paprocki ("A matter of faith: Springfield diocese produces film highlighting area residents' faith experiences," July 20). Even when there's a lot of bad news, there's actually a lot of good going on.

Teresa Bennett
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Is one of the miracles (in the film) accountability for priests raping kids? Oh, does he mention the miracle of forced birth? Using your journalistic credentials to lend credibility to faith-healing and then showing that to kids? That isn't very ethical.

Beth Crow
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I attended the July 28 meeting of the Springfield Citizens Club, which featured a discussion with Mayor Misty Buscher. I asked her if she regretted not involving the library board in her decision to fire the library director, and if she will give the board some autonomy in future hiring and firing decisions ("Cataloging complaints," July 27). The short answer to both my questions was "no." In other cities the same size of Springfield, the library director reports to the library board. Why can't we have the same thing?

Bob Immel



I have great pity for the good people of the YMCA, as they try to do the right thing according to the standards of a new morality.

The reality is that locker rooms have become obsolete, in the same ways as men's rooms and ladies' rooms. In the new reality, everybody needs their own changing cabin, and the lockers can be put into a public space.

Am I sad about this coming change? Not at all, for I always have found communal changing rooms awkward and uncomfortable, as I would rather not see anybody's junk, or enjoy putting my privates on display.

Some folks think that our age is more virtuous than preceding ones, as we are reaching toward a stronger sense of equality. Others think we live in an age of moral decline, as former standards of behavior fall away.

I find neither group is right. We barely can talk with each other anymore, as due to the pervasive egocentrism of this time, nobody can take any form of criticism of their values and positions, and moves straight to bedeviling the opposition.

Jesus Christ called us to love one another. In this modern world, I do not see love coming from either side.

Rev. Hans Poetschner



An earlier version of "More housing for the homeless" (Aug. 3) incorrectly stated that Ward 5 Ald. Lakeisha Purchase is a member of the Springfield Planning and Zoning Commission. Purchase actually is a member of the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission.

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