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Clothes Mentor

"Clothes Mentor is resale unlike any other," says owner Angela Slifer. "What sets us apart is that we are not consignment. We buy all seasons at any time throughout the year, and when you bring clothing, purses, coats, jewelry or whatever you want to sell that is recent fashion within the last two years, our staff will go through the items and offer you a fair price. We'll give you cash, check or store credit on the spot. If a customer chooses store credit, they get 25% more purchase power," she said.

Slifer said they carry many designer items, and when clothing is brought in to sell there's no appointment necessary and no limit on the number of items you can bring. She emphasizes the buying aspect of Clothes Mentor because it's what makes it such a fun job. "Each day something different is brought in to the store, and you never know what kind of fashion is coming through the door until it does — it's like opening presents all day long," she said.

Slifer credits her staff, "who have become like family," as the key to the store's success. Overall, there are 11 employees. Lynette has been the store manager for just under eight years, and Brooke has been the assistant manager for almost seven years. Slifer said, "My husband and I are very fortunate to have long-term employees. We're not in the store each day, and we are lucky enough to have staff who take our vision, live it and improve on it."

During a time of great uncertainty, after the store had closed for 10 weeks during the pandemic, Slifer said she was grateful that her staff were all ready to get back to work. "We were able to keep our team intact and not only rebound, but the Springfield Clothes Mentor is still setting sales records," she said.

"The post-pandemic success not only speaks to our team, but to our customers who support us as a small, local business. Without customers bringing clothes to us, we wouldn't have a store," Slifer said. "I thank the local customers who have kept us going since 2014," said Slifer.

Slifer emphasized, "My team is the best part of my job. They are irreplaceable. I never forget how very lucky I am."

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