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Curve Inn

For a venue that's known far and wide for hosting one of the best live sound stages around, what's up with this consistent winning in the DJ and karaoke categories? Well, the answer is easy – DJ Mikee is the best at spinning tunes so you can enjoy yourself and Debbie Cakes is the best at hosting karaoke so you can enjoy yourself. And, of course, the secret to it all is Ami Merchant, proprietor extraordinaire of the swingin' Curve Inn, who makes it possible for everyone to enjoy themselves in a fun atmosphere of fine food and good drinks in a special space.

From humble beginnings as a local dive bar to becoming a standard in how to run a good business, the Curve Inn continues to attract good attractions such as DJ Mikee, who has won the "Best of" DJ spot more than anyone else. Plus, Debbie's Jackpot Karaoke, where you can win money while singing, is a fine idea that certainly helps popularize one karaoke night over the many that populate our bars around town.

Congrats to the Curve again (they've won in several categories throughout the years) and to all who make the dance floor move and the karaoke machine light up.

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