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Aesthetics-Wellness at Ophthalmology Center of Illinois

"Aesthetics-Wellness is a place where people can feel comfortable receiving treatments to improve their natural beauty," says founder Courtney Wilbern. "I want people to feel comfortable with me and my staff. I want them to know they can trust us to work with them."

Wilbern has 19 years of nursing experience and is a certified family nurse practitioner and certified aesthetic nurse specialist. Working beside her are aesthetic nurses Gretchen and Michelle, who have a combined total of 35 years of nursing experience. Wilbern feels strongly that the most important step someone who is considering skin treatment, weight loss or body contouring can take is to get to know the professionals they'll be working with.

Wilbern opened Aesthetics-Wellness in 2020 and describes it as a "patient-focused, results-driven practice. We are big on encouraging people to ask questions so they can learn about the variety of treatments offered, and ultimately, decide on the treatments that are right for them. We help guide patients in creating a plan that addresses their long-term goals. We treat a broad scope of skin-related concerns, from teens with acne to prevention of middle-age characteristics to correction of sun damage and aging. The goal is to feel better about yourself and to boost your self-confidence."

Wilbern says, "I take a more natural approach to aesthetic treatments, focusing on enhancing natural beauty and slowing the clock on aging, producing a more balanced and refreshed look."

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